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About the Placement Guide

The CAMS & STAMS Plus program is based on your student’s maths ability, not year level. The purpose of the Placement Book evaluation is to test each individual student’s maths ability and place them on the correct CAMS & STAMS level for their skill level. This will mean that a class may consist of three different CAMS & STAMS levels, however the program was developed for this and makes it easy to teach multiple levels in one class. This is an 8-level program that spans from levels A–H. Each level in the CAMS & STAMS Plus series contains 16 lessons, each addressing a different mathematical concept. Each level in the series covers two year levels, for example Level A is for years 1–2, B for 2–3, C for 3–4, D for 4–5, E for 5–6, F for 6–7, G for 7–8 and H for 8–9, so the classroom instruction aligns more closely with the Australian Curriculum: Mathematics content.

Five Simple Steps to use CAMS Plus Placement Guide

  • Please fill in the student and teacher details, and select one of the report format options.
  • Choose the appropriate text for the year level of the student.
  • Have all students take the level placement test at least three times on the correct level (the CAMS Plus Placement Guide generates three random pretests for each level).
  • If the student gets less than 7 correct responses, the CAMS Plus Placement Guide will suggest that the student take the placement test for the level below. If the student gets 14 or more correct responses, the CAMS Plus Placement Guide will suggest that the student take the placement test for the level above. If the student gets between 8–13 correct responses, they are on the correct level.
  • After the level placement test has been completed three times on the correct level, instruct the student to either click on the ‘Email’ or ‘Print’ button (based on your chosen report format) to collect their results.

Why complete so many Placement Tests?

By instructing the student to complete at least three times on the correct level, the teacher creates a map of understanding. If a student does not understand a concept at their current level, that gap in their knowledge can be traced back to a specific lesson in a previous level. This allows the teacher to differentiate that student’s instruction using CAMS & STAMS Plus by reinforcing a concept that was addressed at an earlier level, helping to ensure mastery of that skill in later lessons.

Why use the Placement Guide?

CAMS & STAMS Plus is based on mathematics understanding, as well as year level. However, students in the same year level may have differing levels of understanding, and therefore require different CAMS & STAMS Plus instruction in the same class. The CAMS Plus Placement Guide evaluation is a tool to help teachers assess the strengths and weaknesses of their students. The CAMS Plus Placement Guide is the first part of the three part CAMS & STAMS Plus series. It is used to assess the students understanding of fundamental maths concepts and skills, and then place them in the correct CAMS Plus Level.

Where can I purchase CAMS Plus, STAMS Plus & Solve Resource?

For more information on CAMS Plus, STAMS Plus & Solve Resource, click here.